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Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)


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nose boops



Husband animates joke about tortilla chips told by his drunk wife.

Pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

This is the cutest fucking thing I have ever seen in my whole ever.


Welcome to ahintofblue’s 1st Giveaway! - For my 1200+followers!
Thought I would give it a shot and give stuff away because it’s taking up space in my room.


Prizes (message me for more details):

1st Pic
-Marvel comics 
-Gankutsuou doujinshis
-D.Gray-man doujinshi
-The Art of Epic Hardcover 
2nd Pic
-Transformers MTMTE Vol. 1
-Transformers: Fall of Cybertron artbook
-Transformers MTMTE Annual 2012
-Wanted comic by Mark Millar
3rd Pic
-Earthian vol 1-4
-Loveless DVD 1
-Gankutsuou Complete Art book
-Assassin’s Creed III (Empty Pre-Order CD case)

1 winner. I will be using a random number generator to decide. There may be a 2nd winner, I guess it depends how well this goes. 
-Will ship worldwide
Giveaway ends July 31, 12:00 AM EST

-You must be FOLLOWING me, I will check.
-Reblogs only & state (if you want) what items you would like so I can get an idea because I seriously don’t know if these things will be any interest
-Your ask box must be open when the giveaway ends
-If ask box is not opened or if I don’t get a response within 24 hours, the winner will go to the next person
-You must be comfortable in providing me your address


it’s weird to think that everyone views you differently like one person might think you put the stars in the sky and another person could think you crawled out of the pits of hell and are here to drag them down with you


if you miss someone who does not miss you, or who is no good for you, or is unattainable, take all the love you once felt for them and spread it around other places. put your love in worthwhile people and things, turn the romance in to passions for hobbies or admiration for others- enrich your own life. focus on yourself and those who actively make you happy.